Q: Is patient financing available?
A: Yes, we have good relationships with both CareCredit and MyMedicalLoan.com.

Q: I am considering breast implants. Should I use silicone or saline?
A: Breast implants can be used to add volume to small breasts, fill up a deflated skin envelop after pregnancy or weight loss, and create a new breast mound after mastectomy for breast cancer. All implants are imperfect devices and will likely need to be replaced at least once in your lifetime. Saline implants are a bit firmer and heavier than silicone ones. If a saline implant deflates, however, it is usually obvious and a short surgery can be done to remove and replace it. Silicone implant rupture is harder to detect, and the surgery to remove and replace it can be more involved.

Q: I am interested in getting a breast reduction. Is this procedure covered by my insurance?
A: Breast reduction both reduces the volume of the breast and lifts and repositions the nipple-areolar complex up higher on the new, smaller breast mound. The procedure can be paid for out of pocket, or by your insurance benefits if it is deemed "medically necessary." Each insurance carrier has its own criteria for what it considers "medically necessary." You should contact your insurance company to find out what criteria need to be met for the breast reduction surgery to be covered. Often times they require documentation from multiple doctors of chronic neck and back pain, rashes, skin tears and shoulder grooving despite physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, and anti-inflammatory medications.

Q: I feel like my face looks "tired" and my skin looks dull. What treatments are available to improve these problems?
A: As we age we often lose the fat in our faces and our skin thins and loses its elasticity. Treatment for these problems can range from a new skin care regimen using scientifically-proven products, to injectable neurotoxins and fillers, which relax overactive facial muscles and restore volume, to definitive surgical correction. We also perform laser skin rejuvenation and peels which help brighten the skin. Call to schedule your consultation with Dr. Partridge to see which solution is right for you.

Q: I was injured at work or in a motor vehicle collision. Can I see Dr. Partridge?
A: Yes. But call your insurance carrier to let them know, just in case you need a referral to see a specialist.

Q: Does Dr. Partridge do a "liquid facelift"?
A: Yes. Dr. Partridge can use a combination of modalities such as laser, peels, and injectables to relax overactive facial muscles, lift and refill sagging skin, and resurface and rejuvenate your skin. These procedures can be performed safely in the office and have minimal downtime!

Q: Does the Doctor post articles or use social media?
A: Yes, please check this page for updates. Content is coming soon!